Walking Cane or Walker, Which Is Best for Me?

If you have fallen recently, one of the first questions on your mind will be walking cane or walker, which is best for me? When the time comes to answer this question, all you need is a little bit of

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sticks and canes

Walking Sticks for Hiking

Call them what you will – hiking poles, trekking poles, or walking sticks – they all serve a very similar purpose – to improve stability and provide support on all kinds of outdoor terrain. It is where you use the

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rollator walker

Walkers and Rollators

Am I too embarrassed to use a walking aid? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, the first thing to understand is that walking aids are enablers, not something that minimizes you. You Are Not Alone Regardless of your age,

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Let’s Talk the Walk with Sticks Canes and Walkers

Embrace Life and Take the Next Step to Keep Walking

Walking sticks, canes and walkers website is about choice in taking the next step in life toward finding the best support and walking gadget you need to keep the great lifestyle you have or to improve it.
Maintaining independence and well being through movement and exercising are a great gift to ourselves regardless of our age and where we are in life.

walking sticks canes and walkers

Here's What This Site is About

Embrace the gift of health and fitness through exercise and activity, whether walking, hiking, orienteering, trekking or Nordic walking. These easy and fun activities can be enjoyed by anyone at any age or fitness level in any place.

Walking activities that are shared with family and friends bring a reward of enhanced health and well being as well an enjoyment of companionship, achievement and shared experience that enriches life. Any form of walking provides an opportunity for people to connect with friends and like minded people in outdoor activities, to reach out and exercise in the park or escape into the country through using walking sticks for hiking.

Events that affect our ability to move and be independent vary from short to long term, can be sudden or gradual and sometimes are lifelong. Well being and fitness becomes more precious as we get mature in years and may need a little extra help and need to ask the question of do I need a walking stick, cane or walker?

Making the Best Choice for You

Here you will also find all sorts of information about walking aids from exercise and hiking sticks, handmade walking and fashion canes through to extra support options from sticks with seats, quad sticks and frames with or without wheels.

Knowing your goals and understanding where you are now will guide you best in making the best choice for you among the array of options available in walking sticks, canes or walkers.

Sometimes the BIGGEST challenge is the question is, when is it time for a walking cane rather than walking cane or walker, which is best for me? I have written an in-depth article about this, read it here.

Where to Start With Sticks and Canes

Sticks and canes mobility aid group covers all sorts of walking stick and cane types that fall into three main groups that give support suitable for exercise, collectable fashion lifestyle canes and therapeutic canes. Read our article on walking sticks and canes to take you through the types and style of canes and their handles.

Exercise group of walking sticks, trekking poles, Nordic walking poles and hiking sticks come in pairs or singular, some have adjustable length options, and various hand grips on offer, there are traditional walking sticks and custom walking sticks to choose from. We have an article on the extensive range of hiking poles, trekking poles and walking stick options to consider within this activity group.

Walking canes come in many styles, colors, and materials from functional to funky, cool and luxurious. Canes for women along with information on walking canes for men feature within this group and include custom walking canes, ornate fashion, dress canes and collectable canes. Certain parts of walking canes offer more customization than others, understand what options offer you.

Canes with seats, adjustable canes, collapsible or folding canes, traveling telescoping canes through to quad tipped canes offering more support and stability with something for everyone. Our 5 top tips on how to choose the best walking cane will walk you through the various options available to find your perfect walking cane.

Walkers or Rollators, Which is Best?

These mobility devices offer more support than sticks and canes but not as easily transportable. They come in many sizes and colors, with varying options of fixed or folding walker, wheel type and number, handle types and shapes along with seats and basket options.

It is in this group of mobility aids that a therapist advice is beneficial to consider the best walker option for you. They will assess your physical capability, your balance and strength along with your lifestyle or activity goals in considering the best option or combination of options for you. Read more in-depth article on this site on the benefits of walkers and rollators.

Frames tend to be fixed structures and those without wheels being most stable in this group of mobility devices but more limiting than rollator walkers.

Rollator walkers with walkers with wheels and ability to fold and often referred to as just rollators. They come with 2, 3, or 4 wheel combinations, often have seat options, a range of handle and brake options, diverse wheel and frame options and are transportable. Check our nine top tips for best walker rollator to help guild you on what to look for in these mobility devices.

Rollator walkers are used in a wider range of settings than walker frames so the deciding question is....... where do you wish to use the rollator and the answer will guide you to the optimum rollator type for you.

Living with and Using Sticks or Rollators

This site is not just about mobility aids like sticks canes and walkers, but it is about empowering oneself to take the next step and be at ease and walk with sticks or rollators. Understanding what is the difference between a walking stick and cane and how to measure the correct length for you is a useful start.

Maintain fitness, health and well being through using walking sticks, canes or hiking poles. Enjoy an active life with the whole family and companionship of friends in outdoor activities of fitness exercise walking, hiking and trekking.

Have fun with adding that something more to gain a sense of occasion or to lift that outfit, for others a sense of the fun and conversation with collectable canes.

Be independent, enjoy being able to walk for longer and go places with increased safety through using rollators and walkers

mobility walkers and rollators

Whatever your life’s goal, grasp it with one or both hands and embrace it , live it and walk it through the use of walking sticks, canes and walkers.